Macarony Productions provides fully produced features, shorts, commercials and basically anything else that involves a camera. We've done it all. Our commercials have aired internationally (we produced for J&B Whiskey for example) and the tireless effort and speedy turnaround in all our work continues to expand our network of dedicated artists and clients. Don't believe us? Just browse around our stuff and see for yourself.

Macarony is exactly what we say it is: "Kinda clever... meets filmmaking." It doesn't matter what product you're trying to sell. Whether it's a web series, a zombie flick... a desk (yeah, we've done all of those things), we believe that people gravitate toward truthful stories. Stories are at the heart of our work. When you buy Macarony, you buy experience, hard work, and top-of-the-line cinematics. Oh, and no fake cheese.

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  • Need Help? x Need Help? Need a team to bring your idea to life? Or one to think of that idea for you? Contact us.
  • Location, Location, Location. x Location, Location, Location. Conveniently located on both coasts, Macarony uses New York City or Los Angeles as backdrops for its productions.
  • Shooting on a budget? Shooting on a budget? We've shot high budget, low budget, no budget, and everything between. We will get the very most out of every dollar.
  • Need talent? Need talent? Macarony has access to a plethora of talented actors of all ages and styles. Our casting team will find the perfect person to fill whatever role you need.
  • Don't know where to start? Don't know where to start? Our production team will guide you every step of the way. We explain what we do, and why we do it.
  • Don't have equipment? Don't have equipment? We will help you choose what you need for your project, on whatever budget you can work with.





For All Other Inquiries:


Cell:  201.314.7722  (Peter)


If you wish to contact one of the actors, please address all questions to castings@macaronyproductions.com and we will contact them with your information.


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