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Macarony Productions is a bi-coastal production company created by a group of young filmmakers from New Jersey. Our mission is to create multimedia projects that provoke, inspire, and change lives. maybe we're not that honorable...but we are trying to make movies people would want to watch...and that's not a bad goal either.

This website is an archive of sorts. We leave every single film we have ever produced on our films page with the hope that the viewer understands they're looking at a moment in the past where a young group of filmmakers were discovering their craft, their intentions, and themselves. We are not ashamed of our past failures, because they have made our future successes possible. We always look to move forward, while never forgetting the past. Please enjoy the site and the world of Macarony and be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with all things comedy.

-Peter Macaluso



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